Friday September 26, 2014

Morning session: Programmed cell death in disease

9:30:     Seamus Martin, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
              How Diverse Signal II Agents Promote NLRP3-dependent IL-1beta release

10.10:   Laurent Boyer, Nice Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France
              Bacterial virulence sensing by the innate immune system mediated by imd RIP proteins

10.30:   Lily Boutens, Wageningen University, Wageningen, The Netherlands
               Evidence for the presence of the phagocytic machinery in the adipose tissue       

10.50:   Venizelos Papayannopoulos, MRC, UK
             Decision making in neutrophil antimicrobial responses

11.30:   Break + Posters

13.00:   Lunch

Afternoon session: in vivo mechanisms of inflammation

14:00:    Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, St Jude, Memphis, USA
              Regulators of Inflammatory Responses

14.40:    Geert van Loo, VIB-UGhent, Belgium
              A20 in inflammatory signaling and pathology

15.20:    Closing Remarks

Cultural program

15.30 - 15.55: Maximiliaan Martens, UGhent, Belgium
                         "A brief history of the Ghent Altarpiece"

15.55 - 16.20: Peter Vandenabeele, UGhent, Belgium
                         "Spectroscopic analysis of the Ghent Altarpiece"