Reaching Belgium by plane

Belgium has two main airports, Brussels Airport (Zaventem, about 10 km from the city center of Brussels) and Charleroi Airport (city of Charleroi, 46 km south of Brussels). Nearly all international flights coming into Belgium arrive at Brussels Airport.

How to choose your flights?
If you are not going to book your flight through a travel agency, is very easy to consult and tells you everything about flights from all over the world to Belgium. It is also possible to make a price comparison between the different airlines that travel between Belgium and your airport of departure.

How to reach Ghent?

Both Brussels airport and Charleroi airport are connected to the three main railway stations of Brussels (South or Midi-Zuid, Central and North) by shuttle (bus) service and/or train. For more information on transportation between the two airports and Ghent, please visit the websites below:

Transport between Brussels Airport and Ghent
Transport between Charleroi Airport and Ghent

The easiest way to travel from each airport to Ghent is by train. There is no train traffic during the night (between 0h30 and 5h30)!
Travelling between Charleroi and Ghent takes at least 2 hours; travelling between Brussels and Ghent takes about 1 hour.
Please consult: for further details
(search from "Brussels Airport" to "Gent-Sint-Pieters")

By train

  • Arriving by train in Brussels:
    Switch to one of the many intercity trains (IC) to, or via "Gent-Sint-Pieters", Ghent's main railway station (Directions Brugge, Knokke, Blankenberghe, Oostende all stop in Ghent).
  • From the railway station "Gent Sint-Pieters" you can reach Ghent city center by public transport:
    - tram 1, 10, 11, 12 or 13: to stop 'Korte Meer' (Voldersstraat is the second street on the right);
    - tram 21 or 22: to stop 'Zonnestraat' (enter Korte Meer, Voldersstraat is the second street on the right).

    De Lijn (website in Dutch only!) is responsible for both trams and busses. You can request a free network map at one of the "Lijnwinkels", which are located near the main bus terminals at Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station, Korenmarkt and Gent-Zuid. This network map is also available at the information desk in the tourist centre.
    There are different formulas for season tickets. A single ticket costs € 1.20 and you can travel for 1 hour exchanging different trams and/or busses. Alternatively, you can buy a 10 trips ticket which costs € 8.00 and each single trip may last as long as for a regular single ticket.


By car

Entering Ghent from the E40 or the E17, follow the parking-route "P-Route" to P5 (Kouter), P6 (Center Parking, Korte Meer) or P7 (Sint-Michiels). These parkings are within walking distance from the "Aula"


Once you are in Ghent....


By public transport

  • From station Gent St-Pieters:
    tram 1 (every 6 minutes) or tram 24 (every 20 minutes). Exit at Korenmarkt.

  • From Gent Zuid:
    tram 4 (every 6 minutes), tram 24 (every 20 minutes) or bus 17 (every 30 minutes). Exit at Korenmarkt.

By car

  • Follow the parking signage to parking P7 Sint-Michiels. The parking is located at 50 meter from Het Pand. Take the exit Onderbergen and you come out in the Wilderoosstraat, opposite Het Pand.
  • An alternative parking is P8 Ramen. From here it's about 5 minutes on foot to Het Pand.